Greyhound Adoption

At Goulburn Greyhound Racing we are dedicated to the welfare of our dogs and assisting them in finding their perfect home to live out their days in their retirement. Goulburn Greyhounds as Pets has been set up as a regional way to rehome dogs through the already very well known Greyhounds as Pets program. Our focus is on bringing the industry and community together for the same cause which is the welfare and the right home for the dogs.

By adopting locally you will have access to the owner/club for ongoing advice and help if ever needed, plus access to a large network of people that are there for you no matter what. We place a safety net around all of our dogs and you are never alone no matter how long you have had one of our dogs and no matter where you live. Instead, you are welcomed into our very big friendly family and if you want to can join other adopted dogs from us in group walks and other events.

We encourage all new owners to look at getting their dogs a green collar so they can be muzzle free and recommend they visit the Greenhounds web page for more information.  This cost is not covered by our program and is done at the new owners choice/expense. It is an easy 6 week in house program and both you and your grey will appreciate the freedom after they have passed. Muzzle free forever – how good is that.

Got a question?  Contact us.  We are here to help.
Our dogs are placed desexed, Microchipped, Vaccinated, teeth cleaned and lifetime registered for a small fee

For more information on adopting one of our dogs or to apply for a dog please click here.

Can’t adopt but can foster?

Well, we need you!  If you are able to foster a grey to help them find their forever home we would love to hear from you.  Fosters are important to our program as they expose the dogs to every day living like the lounge and simple things like the vacuum or washing machine.  If you can help or would like more information please contact us.  We really could use your help.  Foster homes have their expenses ( food/vet bills etc) covered by the program and dogs need to be returned back to us after a max of 6 weeks (we don’t just dump them and forget about them).  Of course, you can adopt them, but we would love foster homes that are happy to return them and help another grey