Revised Hot Weather Policy Released

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has released a revised Hot Weather Policy to protect the health, comfort and safety of greyhounds during hot weather.

The revised policy, which comes into effect on 1 November 2016, allows for greyhounds to be withdrawn from an event without penalty where the Bureau of Meteorology official forecast is 32°C or higher (previously 38°C).

In addition, GRNSW stewards may abandon a race meeting in the event the temperature rises above 38°C or is likely to rise above this temperature (previously meetings could be abandoned if the temperature exceeded 40°C). 

Clubs must also abandon trials where the temperature rises above 38°C or when the temperature is likely to rise above 38°C. 

The revised policy also introduces provisions around race day trialling during November to February. This includes preventing reserve trials from being conducted during these months and the requirement for greyhounds competing in trials on race days to be housed either in air-conditioned kennels or an air-conditioned trailer for the entire time they are at a race track.

Under no circumstances, are greyhounds are to be kept in non-air-conditioned vehicles when temperatures reach 22°C or above. 

Click here to view the revised Hot Weather Policy.