Pathways Racing Coming To NSW

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has announced the introduction of Pathways racing that aims to provide racing opportunities for less competitive greyhounds which are currently unable to gain a start at TAB meetings.

Commencing on 1 March 2016, Pathways racing will be programmed across all Category C race meetings for the remainder of the 2015/16 racing calendar.

Pathways events will be run as an additional race wherever possible so as not to limit opportunities for other greyhounds.

The tracks participating in Pathways racing include:

 The Gardens (Category C meetings only)
 Bathurst (Category C meetings only)
 Richmond (Category C meetings only)
 Nowra (Category C meetings only)

Each time a Pathways event is run, it will be advertised on Thedogs website along with the other programmed events for that meeting. As it is an advertised event it will be drawn before the non-advertised races, with the races to be graded bottom up using the Order Of Choice to determine the order of entry for eligible greyhounds.

Full conditions can be viewed with the advertised race on the calendar section of the website.

Please note that the introduction of Pathways races will mean that reserve trials at all TAB C meetings will be cancelled from 1 March 2016.

An initial review of the Pathways race events will occur in May, with a follow up review scheduled for end of June. These reviews will assess whether Pathways is achieving its objective of maximising opportunities for greyhounds of all abilities to race.

For more information on Pathways racing, please contact the GRNSW Grading Department via this link.