Grading Policy Review Paper Released

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has released the Grading Policy Review Paper which articulates the proposed changes that will be made to the current NSW Grading Policy to promote the highest standard of racing and maximise the racing careers of greyhounds racing in NSW.

The proposed changes are a result of the grading policy review which began in 2015, but stalled after the then Premier Mike Baird announced plan to shutdown the NSW greyhound racing industry.

With the NSW Government now committed to reversing decision to close the industry, GRNSW has issued the Grading Policy Review Paper to seek feedback on specific changes that GRNSW intends to make to the NSW Grading Policy.

The Grading Policy Review Paper is based predominantly on industry sessions held by GRNSW throughout the state as part of the grading policy review. The Grading Policy Review Paper has also been guided by the recommendations made by the Joint Working Group, which called for the aims of the grading policy to be amended and for significant changes to be made.

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GRNSW is of the view that the proposed changes outlined in the Grading Policy Review Paper will ensure the NSW Grading Policy is focused on the longevity of a greyhound’s racing career more than ever before.

The proposed changes ensure that the grade for each greyhound is calculated to a specific standard and that current racing form will be the main contributor to grouping greyhounds of like ability within individual races. By providing a grade based more on recent form, greyhounds will be racing in competitive engagements more regularly and therefore will be encouraged to compete for a longer period of time.

It is hoped the proposed changes will also make the NSW Grading Policy easier to understand for all participants and other stakeholders.

Click here to view the Grading Policy Review Paper.

All industry stakeholders are now invited to provide feedback on the Grading Policy Review Paper by 5pm Friday 17 March 2017.

Feedback needs to be submitted in writing via the following methods:

Email: (Subject: “Grading Policy Review Paper”)


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